Casanova at the castle

Tour Circuit II includes the interiors on the first floor of the chateau, i.e. Waldstein museum with historical collections and the Billiards wing which focuses on some real former residents of the castle, especially the most famous one: Giacomo Casanova, a globe-trotter and widely known lover.

This tour reminds the collections of the original owners of the Waldstein family in the six rooms of the northern wing of the chateau, where the restored castle museum is. The second part of the guided tour is the Biliar Wing, where is an exposition commemorating the 13-year stay of Giacomo Casanova. This part of the tour is a ceremonial staircase, anteroom, corridor with exhibition of 17th and 18th century graphics and newly installed hunting trophies, Valdstejn Museum (Military Armory, Cabinet of Hunting, Ceramics Cabinet, Porcelain and Faience, Cabinet of Curiosities, Art and Antiquities, Music Cabinet Historical Cabinet), Billiard Hall, Chateau Staff Room (painter's room, Count and Servant) and Casanova's room, who spent the last thirteen years of his life in the chateau (Venice Room, Bedroom, Parisian Lounge, Chateau Library).

Basic information

  • duration 50 minutes
  • max. 25 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 11.–31. 3. closed
2. 4.–30. 4. closed
2. 4. (Fri) closed
5. 4. (Mon) closed
1. 5.–31. 5. closed
1. 6.–31. 8. Tue–Sun 10.00–17.00
5. 7.–6. 7. Mon–Tue 10.00–17.00
1. 9.–30. 9. Tue–Sun 10.00–16.00
1. 10.–31. 10. Sat–Sun 10.00–15.00
28. 10. Thu 10.00–15.00


Czech guide tour

  • Adults 25-65 years 130 Kč
  • Seniors 65+ 100 Kč
  • Youth 18-25 years 100 Kč
  • Persons with disabilities with valid identification card/certificate 100 Kč
  • Children 6-18 years 70 Kč
  • Children under 6 years free
  • Person accompanying a disabled person free
  • Person accompanying a school group of 15 pupils/students free
  • Tour guide accompanying a group of at least 15 persons free
  • Free single NPÚ tickets free
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