Enchanted by Antiquity

This tour withou guide includes rooms in the ground floor, historical cast collection of ancient sculpture and the castle theatre. Welcome to a journey of discovery of the ancient world. Barrier-free.

Learn about Greek mythology and the culture of antiquity, let's get be enchanted by the antique!

In an authentic antique setting of eight halls of Dux chateau.There are nearly 150 historic casts of famous and less known ancient art works installed in an authentic antique setting of eight halls of Dux chateau.

The hall of the theater scene recalls ancient inspirations in the chateau theater, including reconstructions of two baroque theater costumes and props.

You will also learn about the phenomenon of the Grand Tour – cavalier trips of the nobility to southern Europe combined with the discovery of ancient antique monuments, their collection and last but not least, the combination of ancient influences with architecture and decoration of baroque mansions.

Admission to the exposition is possible without a guide.

Basic information

  • duration 30 minutes
  • max. 45 people

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
1. 1.–31. 3. closed
2. 4.–30. 4. Sat–Sun 10.00–16.00
14. 4. Thu 10.00–16.00
15. 4. Fri 10.00–16.00
18. 4. Mon 10.00–16.00
1. 5.–31. 5. Tue–Sun 10.00–16.00
1. 6.–31. 8. Tue–Sun 10.00–17.00
5. 7.–6. 7. Tue–Wed 10.00–17.00
1. 9.–30. 9. Tue–Sun 10.00–16.00
1. 10.–31. 10. Sat–Sun 10.00–15.00
28. 10. Thu 10.00–15.00


without guide

  • Single admission 80 CZK
  • Children (0-5 years old) free
  • Individuals accompanying disabled people (with a ZTP/P card) free
  • Individuals accompanying school groups of 15 students free
  • Tour guides accompanying tour groups of 15 people* free
  • Admission with single-entry tickets issued by the NPÚ free
  • Admission with yearly passes issued by the NPÚ free
  • Holders of NPÚ employee cards (+ up to 3 family members) free
  • Holders of "Náš člověk" ("Our person") cards * free
  • Journalists with appropriate press credentials * free
  • * Offer available for cardholder only

reservation not necessary